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Treating yourself or your loved one with a healing holiday.

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Slovakia. Country  in the middle of Europe, which some people call the Friendship Landscape, the Green Heart of Europe or the Gifted Country.

World´s top Spa holiday that we offer you fulfills the ideal idea of relaxing. It will give you an improvement in the feeling of your physical body, help to eliminate fatigue from your muscles and bring freshness, young thoughts and joy from life.

You will discover the healing power of a unique mud in Spa Piestany in the 5-star Hotel Thermia Palace and see for yourself the effects of clean water that people called the Elixir of Youth in the Spa Resort Rajecké Teplice.

Spa Rajecke Teplice

5th of September to 12th of September 2018

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Spa Piestany


28th of November to 5th  of December 2018

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