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Treating yourself or your loved one with a healing holiday.

Luxury healing holidays in Slovakia
28th of November to 5th of December 2018 at the amazing resort Spa Piešťany

Allow yourself to relax and forget about your daily life in luxury healing spa under professional medical supervision and guidance in the 5 star hotel Thermia Palace.

The main natural curative used in Health Spa Piestany are thermal sulphur water and thermal sulphuric mud.

During your holiday, you will find typical Central European baths, historical monuments and beautiful wildlife.


About the Spa

Spa House Irma offers the best treatments with the newest technology as well as natural treatments

The healing muds consistency is tenacious, buttery; its colour is bluish even black, and it has excellent heat-containing qualities – it cools five times slower than water. Based on its composition , technology of preparation and a clinical study concerning its utilization for therapeutic purposes, the Piestany mud is certified in the entire European Union.


The thermal water of Piestany is natural curative water with the temperature of 67°C – 69°C.  This water is created from surface water that seeps through calcareous rock to depths of about 2.000 meters under the surface. As it passes through the rock, it is mineralized and as it reaches its final depth, it absorbs heat. Based on its chemical constitution, the water was declared a natural healing resource used for treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system by the laws of the Slovak Republic.


Hotels and rooms

The beautiful Art-Nouveau Thermia Palace; the first 5 star spa & wellness hotel in Piestany, Slovakia, opened its elegant doors in 1912 and soon became one of the best health spas in Europe, if not the world.

Nesting in the gorgeous green environment of Spa Island and connected directly to the Irma Health Spa, the Thermia Palace has been sensitively restored to its former glory with a richly-decorated interior, beautiful stained glass staircase and the Grand Restaurant with an original painting by Alphonse Mucha.

This luxurious spa offers more than 60 treatments using its on-site thermal water, unique mud pool and the special medical wellness programmes ensure guests feel like new. The Colonnade Bridge, near this quality spa resort, links Spa Island to the town of Piestany, however guests have everything they need here, from superb cuisine served in the Grand Restaurant to sporting facilities: golf, tennis, jogging and cycling paths, fishing, squash and even bowling. An island of health, fitness, fine food and luxury – who could ask for more?!


De luxe room

Apartment room

Your package includes

We offer you to spend a wonderful time in these luxury facilities from the
28th of November – 5th  of December 2018

  • Transfer ( return journey form airport – hotel)
  • 7 nights stay in 5 star hotel
  • We are also able to help or give advice with booking flights (we recommend Stansted- Bratislava)
  • Accommodation with full board: breakfast buffet, lunch, evening meal
  • Package of medical procedures, all done by qualified medical satff
  • During your spa stay the doctors will focus on relieving your pain, relaxing stiff muscles, mobility and other signs associated with motion system diseases.
  • Individual treatment program includes 24 procedures per week
  • Unlimited Entries to all pools
  • Unlimited Fitness with a professional fitness coach
  • Free Wifi
  • Hair dryer
  • Mini fridge
  • TV
  • Bathrobe
  • Bottle of healing mineral water daily
  • A friendly holiday surrounded by English speaking companions


This luxurious health spa is built directly on the healing springs with over 60 medical and spa treatments. The heart of the spa is a unique mud pool. The spa is directly connected with the Art Nouveau 5 star hotel Danubius Health Spa Resort Thermia Palace.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-mud-poolMud pool

The mud pool  consist of thermal mineral water and a natural bottom of 10 to 30 cm of sulphuric mud. Thermal mineral water springs seep into the pool through the mud, the water surface reaching to around 50 – 90 cm above the sulphuric mud. The temperature of the thermal mineral water is around 39°C – 40°C. Guests generally stay in the water  for around 10  minutes,  depending  on the  recommendations  of  the  doctor  who prescribes the treatment after a thorough medical  check.  The treatment ends up with a shower and subsequent dry pack.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-thermal-mineral-waterThermal mineral water of Piestany

Thermal mineral water is natural healing water at a temperature ranging from 67°C to 69°C. It is medium-mineralised, sulphate bicarbonate, calcareous sodium water containing the curative hydrogen sulphide and other mineral substances. The thermal water is used mainly for baths and drinking treatments.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-mirror-poolMirror Pool

The thermal bath also, known as mirror pool, is a pool with an artificial bottom filled with natural sulphuric thermal mineral water at a temperature of 36°C – 37°C or 38°C – 39°C, where the guest is submerged up to his/her arms or alternatively sits comfortably around the pool. A bath lasts from 10 to 20 minutes on average. The treatment ends with a dry wrap.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-individual-thermal-mineral-bathIndividual Thermal Mineral Bath

The individual Thermal mineral bath makes use of the absorption and effects of the sulphur and minerals through the skin, joints and connecting tissues. It reduces the blood pressure, dilates the blood vessels and reduces the free oxygen radicals. The bath has an overall relaxing and calming effect. The temperature of the sulphuric bath usually ranges from 36°C to 38°C and ends up with a 15-minute dry wrap.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-individual-thermal-bubble-bathIndividual Thermal bubble bath

The individual Thermal bubble bath consists of a mineral water bath at a temperature of 36°C – 37°C using compressed air rising from a grate on the bottom of the tub. The bath has a soothing effect and is suitable for insomnia and other stress related problems.


The whirpool is a gentle massage using whirling water, either through its partial application on the upper or lower extremities or in the form of a total body massage in a tub at a temperature of 36°C- 37°C. It contributes to a better flow of blood circulation to the extremities and it relieves muscular and joint stiffness.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-scottish-spraysScottish Sprays

Scottish Sprays are a very intense and stimulating treatment the guest stands whilst a pressurised (3 atm) water jet is directed to the body from a distance of 3-4 metres. The treatment ends up with a cold shower. Scottish sprays help improve the immune system, blood circulation and metabolism and leave the guest with an overall feeling of rejuvenation.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-partial-medical-massagePartial medical massage

Partial medical massage is conducted trained by therapists. It stimulates drainage of surface veins and lymphatic vessels, helps relieve the skin tensions, improves blood circulation, absorption of swellings and haemorrhages, relaxes and strengthens the muscles and moderates pains.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-sulphuric-mudSulphuric mud of Piestany

Sulphuric mud of Piestany contains an unique live eco-system, and is famous around the world thanks to its healing characteristics. The mud is taken from a still branch of the River Vah on the site of sulphurous thermal mineral water springs. After the mud is extracted from the bypass arm of the river, it matures for at least one year in special mud-pools where sulphurous thermal water is added to enrich the mixture with mineral substances. The mature mud has a butter-like, greasy consistency, it is very malleable, with good heat conducting features, cooling down four times slower than water. Its colour is steel bluish or even black. It is applied on the body surface at the temperature of around 45°C (ranging from 44°C – 46°C).

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-local-full-body-mud-packsLocal or full-body mud packs

A mud pack helps reduce swellings in joint areas, reduces muscular tension, improves nutrition of cartilages, connective tissues and inter-vertebral discs. It increases antiinflammatory activity and immunity processes in the body, improves the functions of cartilages, connective tissues and mobility of the joints.


Your package includes

We offer you to spend a wonderful time in these luxury facilities from the
28th of November – 5th  of December 2018

  • Transfer ( return journey form airport – hotel)
  • 7 nights stay in 5 star hotel
  • We are also able to help or give advice with booking flights (we recommend Stansted- Bratislava)
  • Accommodation with full board: breakfast buffet, lunch, evening meal
  • Within your spa stay the doctors will focus on relieving your pain, relaxing stiff muscles, mobility and other signs associated with motion system disease
  • Individual treatment program includes 24 weekly procedures.
  • Unlimited Entries to all pools
  • Unlimited Fitness with a professional fitness coach
  • Free Wifi
  • Hair dryer
  • Mini fridge
  • TV
  • Bathrobe
  • Bottle of healing mineral water daily
  • A friendly holiday surrounded by English speaking companions


Hotel Thermia Palace

  • Apartment***** star hotel

    Hotel Thermia Palace – Apartment

    Only 10 rooms left!

    per person
    7 nights
    (minimum of 1 person)
  • De Luxe double bedroom***** star hotel

    Hotel Thermia Palace – De Luxe double bedroom

    Only 10 rooms left!

    per person
    7 nights
    (minimum of 2 people)

Within the resort you may also visit the beauty therapists

After being treated and healed why not visit the beauty salons that the resort has to offer to make you feel even more wonderful.

A centre where you can choose from a wide range of beauty treatments for face and body therapies.

There are many different treatments you can choose from these including:

  • Piestany Facial Mud Pack
  • Face massage
  • Complete Facial Treatment (Inlude make-up and eyebrow correction)
  • Eyelashes Tinting
  • Eyebrows Tinting and Correction
  • Full Leg Wax
  • Half Leg Wax
  • Arm Wax
  • Bikini Wax
  • Underarm Wax
  • Clarins Facial Treatment
  • Clarins Full Body Massage
  • Babor Facial Treatments
  • Doctors Babory Facial Treatment
  • Babor Oxygen Energizing Facial Treatment
  • Babor Anti-cellulite Body Treatment
  • Babor Facial Treatment REVERSIVE
  • Babor Scen Tao- Anti-stress Massage
  • Babor Khanya Full Body Massage
  • Babor Khanya Full Body Peeling
  • Babr Khanya Full Body Treatment
  • Babor Detox Wrap
  • Babor Vitamin Power Pack
  • CatioVital – Complete cleansing beauty treatment
  • CatioVital Double Jeunesse- Luxury treatment with a Double lionization of rejuvenating active ingredients
  • Catio Lift- Lifting treatment by means of facial muscles stimulation
  • CatioVital Lift- Combination of two favourite treatments CatioVital and Catio Lift. The skin is not only cleaned and nourished, but also rejuvenated with facial gymnastics.



Indications of spa treatment

Indications of complex spa treatment in Piesfany may be divided into seven basic groups of disorders:

  • Non acute rheumatic inflammatory disorders (rheumatoid arthritis, chronic juvenile arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis)
  • Degenerative disorders of the musculoskeletal system (various types of arthritis and spondylarthritis, enthesopathies, and arthropathies accompanying neuropathies)
  • Metabolic arthropathies (gout, ochronosis, chondrocalcinosis, osteoporosis)
  • Extra-articular affections (enthesopathies, various types of enthesopathy, tendonitis, tendosynovitis and bursitis, and pseudoradicular syndrome)
  • Nervous disorders (lumboischiadic, cervicobrachial and cervicocranial syndrome, post-inflammation conditions of the central and peripheral nervous systems, central and
  • peripheral paralyses, neuropathies resulting from metabolic disorders)
  • Post-traumatic and post-surgery conditions of limbs and spine, pre-surgery preparation for preplanned joint replacement
  • Statodynamic insufficiency

Apart from these groups of disorders, other cures have their rightful place in our offer too, such as treatments for obesity related to disorders of the musculoskeletal system, prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and overall or specifically aimed regeneration .


  • Infectious disorders and diseases
  • All disorders in acute stage
  • Circulation deficiency of any origin
  • Acute thrombophlebitis disorders and post-thrombosis  conditions
  • Unstable diabetes mellitus with repeated acidosis
  • Frequently repeated bleeding
  • Cachexy
  • Malignant tumours
  • Epilepsy
  • Psychosis attacks
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Guests who have to rely on outside assistance in all respects
  • Urine and stool incontinence
  • Pregnancy

About us

Legacy Tour is a company which brings a brand new type of a “holiday” to the English market.

We specialise in high quality spa holiday stays.

We know that everyone is looking for their ideal vacation. Some enjoy the wilderness or visiting mountains, others love the forest or maybe a beach is the place for you… but if you have the same goals as we do, which is that at the end of every holiday we want to share wonderful feelings and unforgettable memories, we can agree on this.

You may have a variety of moods and sometimes want to feel  the crazy atmosphere of a resort with evening disco and entertainment, but then comes a moment when you need to slow down, clear your head in which you hold a  huge “to do list” and want to let your body relax and give it some time to heal …

read more about us…

In this respect, we are an innovative and inspiring travel company.

We bring you the product that fills your needs. You will are able to experience a calm and relaxing holiday in peaceful Slovakia.

Because we are a small company, we will take care of you from the first contact, throughout the whole holiday period to the thank-you letter at the end of the stay.

We remember you and appreciate every contact by email or by phone.

We know that there are situations in which you may needs an interpreter, and we are also ready to do this because the Slovak is our mother tongue.

As a new company, we became the contractual partners of Spa Rajecké Teplice, for which we are proud of because it confirms our credibility and authenticity in spa tourism in Slovakia.

First-hand knowledge may be our motto in providing services of this type.

We ourselves are lovers of spa stays, we like to relax our bodies in healing mineral waters and keep them in good physical condition.

We use this “passion” and our acquired knowledge and experience in creating and manifesting a truly original type of holiday.

We believe that traveling to improve our health and to discover new places should not be limited by anything – especially not anyone’s age or health status.

Therefore, we have carefully selected 4 and 5 stars hotels that are ready to provide high comfort, taking into account your current heath status.

We are experts in organizing every little element of your vacation. Including return flights, transport  from airport to the hotel, we provide guided tours, we are available as interpreters and in the spa towns we can take care of full cultural evenings such as concerts, gallery exhibitions and many more unforgettable cultural events if you wish- don’t hesitate to ask.

Let us help you get rid of stress from tedious daily struggles, so that you can only think of your excellent, incoming experiences.

We look forward to meeting you.

Ivana & Aneta

Legacy Tour


The first written reference to Piestany spa was made in a deed of gift of the Zobor monastery which refers to the settlement of Piestany under the name of Pescan. The first spa buildings and facilities were primitive and uncomfortable wooden huts. Smaller and larger pools or simple holes were dug out for bathing.

The first in-depth source of information about the spa is mentioned in the work of the Royal Counselor Juraj Wernher Report Concern ing Miraculous Waters of Hungary (De admirandis Hungariae aquis hypomnemation) from the year 1549, published in Basel.

It takes notice not only of the origin and properties of the waters but also of their curative uses. The description of the primitive therapeutic methods in dug out holes filled with warm sulfuric water along with the successes achieved at treating certain disorders it provides is invaluable. The “thermae” of Piestany are described as one of those with the best curative effects in the entire Hungarian Empire.

In the 16th century people started building more permanent structures for the more privileged groups, and they also continued treatment in the primitive pits. In 1571, Johan Crato de Cratheim – the personal physician of three emperors (Ferdinand I, Maximilian II, and Rudolph II) – in his publication Praxis nobilis recommends treatment with the Piestany mud to a certain Hungarian aristocrat. It was already back in those days that he determined ischial pains to be one of indications of the treatment in Piestany – which has remained up to this day – and he recommended treatment of about one month.

Read more…

Johan Crato is considered to be the founder of the peloidotherapy – treatment with sulphuric mud in Piestany.

In 1745, the town physicist of Bratislava Johann Justus Torkos describes the environment of the spa and its indications, and was the first person to provide a general analysis of its thermal water in his work Schediazma de Thermis Postheniensibus. He recommends treatment in Piestany for joint pains, muscle disorders, nervous and skin ailments, and for paralysis.

In the 19th century, the interest in treatment provided in Piestany grew. New methods elaborated by physicians specializing in balneology were being implemented and the spa employed permanent spa physicians. In 1836, medical physician F. E. Scherer, in his work The Hot Springs and Spa in Piestany, describes the general and a specific effect of the thermal water and curative mud of Piestany and also presents its contra-indications . In 1859 in a work entitled The Curative Springs of Piestany in Hungary, physician A. Wagner describes the mud-maturation pools which served as the basis of the technology of preparation of mud for mud packs and compresses.

The very same primary technology has been the basis for mud preparation up to our days.

At the end of the 19th century, a major change occurred in Piestany. The Winter family rented the spa and in twenty years turned it into a world known spa facility. Prior to World War I, the spa could accommodate approximately 3.000 guests. New spa

houses and luxurious hotels were built. Already at that time, the majority of spa guests came from abroad. In 1893, the first workers’ spa facility in Central Europe – Pro Labore – opened in Piestany, marking the onset of the golden era of the health spa.

One of the first doctors to settle in Piestany after World War II was MUDr. Ladislav Schmidt. He was one of the pioneers and founders of the International League Against Rheumatism . In March of 1923 he

presented a lecture on topical usage of thermal mud, its indications and technology for treatment at a meeting of the Royal Medical Society. He published a treatise on the Piestany spa, its springs and their importance.

Modern hotels and spa houses offered the highest standard of medical and hotel services available at that time. The town of Piestany became a busy centre of spa activity, hosting an array of prominent people of cultural and political life. Important information concerning treatment at the spa at that time was.

Terms and conditions

  • I understand and agree that all that is included in the price has been stated in previous pages, any other services that I would like to have I will have to pay for separately.
  • I understand that Legacy Tour is insured with Simply Business and Finsbury Insurance Group, I understand that if I need any specific insurance for myself or my health reasons I will have to do it separately myself.
  • I am aware that the thermal water is 36°C-41°C, and this could affect my blood pleasure, heart and breathing system. Stay in hot thermal water I have/I will consult with my doctor.
  • The length of stay in hot thermal water, I will adjust to my current health status and I am fully responsible for any unexpected health complications/changes.
  • Cancellation and refunding- I am aware that I am able to cancel my booking if my circumstances change.
  • Cancellation Policy:
    • Up to 31 days before arrival rooms can be cancelled free of charge (flights cannot be refunded)
    • 30 – 21 days before arrival is 50% cancellation fee
    • 20 – 8 days prior to arrival cancellation fee 70% of services ordered
    • 7 days before arrival cancellation fee is 100% of the ordered services
  • Flight tickets cannot be refunded due to Ryanair’s terms and conditions ( for more information click link below)
  • I have read and understood indication and contraindication of the spa. I am aware of my health status.