phone contact 01476 385 055

phone contact 01476 385 055

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In this respect, we are an innovative and inspiring travel company.

We bring you the product that fills your needs. You will are able to experience a calm and relaxing holiday in peaceful Slovakia.

Because we are a small company, we will take care of you from the first contact, throughout the whole holiday period to the thank-you letter at the end of the stay.

We remember you and appreciate every contact by email or by phone.

We know that there are situations in which you may needs an interpreter, and we are also ready to do this because the Slovak is our mother tongue.

As a new company, we became the contractual partners of Spa Rajecké Teplice, for which we are proud of because it confirms our credibility and authenticity in spa tourism in Slovakia.

First-hand knowledge may be our motto in providing services of this type.

We ourselves are lovers of spa stays, we like to relax our bodies in healing mineral waters and keep them in good physical condition.

We use this “passion” and our acquired knowledge and experience in creating and manifesting a truly original type of holiday.

We believe that traveling to improve our health and to discover new places should not be limited by anything – especially not anyone’s age or health status.

Therefore, we have carefully selected 4 and 5 stars hotels that are ready to provide high comfort, taking into account your current heath status.

We are experts in organizing every little element of your vacation. Including return flights, transport  from airport to the hotel, we provide guided tours, we are available as interpreters and in the spa towns we can take care of full cultural evenings such as concerts, gallery exhibitions and many more unforgettable cultural events if you wish- don’t hesitate to ask.

Let us help you get rid of stress from tedious daily struggles, so that you can only think of your excellent, incoming experiences.

We look forward to meeting you.

Ivana & Aneta

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