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This luxurious health spa is built directly on the healing springs with over 60 medical and spa treatments. The heart of the spa is a unique mud pool. The spa is directly connected with the Art Nouveau 5 star hotel Danubius Health Spa Resort Thermia Palace.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-mud-poolMud pool

The mud pool  consist of thermal mineral water and a natural bottom of 10 to 30 cm of sulphuric mud. Thermal mineral water springs seep into the pool through the mud, the water surface reaching to around 50 – 90 cm above the sulphuric mud. The temperature of the thermal mineral water is around 39°C – 40°C. Guests generally stay in the water  for around 10  minutes,  depending  on the  recommendations  of  the  doctor  who prescribes the treatment after a thorough medical  check.  The treatment ends up with a shower and subsequent dry pack.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-thermal-mineral-waterThermal mineral water of Piestany

Thermal mineral water is natural healing water at a temperature ranging from 67°C to 69°C. It is medium-mineralised, sulphate bicarbonate, calcareous sodium water containing the curative hydrogen sulphide and other mineral substances. The thermal water is used mainly for baths and drinking treatments.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-mirror-poolMirror Pool

The thermal bath also, known as mirror pool, is a pool with an artificial bottom filled with natural sulphuric thermal mineral water at a temperature of 36°C – 37°C or 38°C – 39°C, where the guest is submerged up to his/her arms or alternatively sits comfortably around the pool. A bath lasts from 10 to 20 minutes on average. The treatment ends with a dry wrap.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-individual-thermal-mineral-bathIndividual Thermal Mineral Bath

The individual Thermal mineral bath makes use of the absorption and effects of the sulphur and minerals through the skin, joints and connecting tissues. It reduces the blood pressure, dilates the blood vessels and reduces the free oxygen radicals. The bath has an overall relaxing and calming effect. The temperature of the sulphuric bath usually ranges from 36°C to 38°C and ends up with a 15-minute dry wrap.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-individual-thermal-bubble-bathIndividual Thermal bubble bath

The individual Thermal bubble bath consists of a mineral water bath at a temperature of 36°C – 37°C using compressed air rising from a grate on the bottom of the tub. The bath has a soothing effect and is suitable for insomnia and other stress related problems.


The whirpool is a gentle massage using whirling water, either through its partial application on the upper or lower extremities or in the form of a total body massage in a tub at a temperature of 36°C- 37°C. It contributes to a better flow of blood circulation to the extremities and it relieves muscular and joint stiffness.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-scottish-spraysScottish Sprays

Scottish Sprays are a very intense and stimulating treatment the guest stands whilst a pressurised (3 atm) water jet is directed to the body from a distance of 3-4 metres. The treatment ends up with a cold shower. Scottish sprays help improve the immune system, blood circulation and metabolism and leave the guest with an overall feeling of rejuvenation.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-partial-medical-massagePartial medical massage

Partial medical massage is conducted trained by therapists. It stimulates drainage of surface veins and lymphatic vessels, helps relieve the skin tensions, improves blood circulation, absorption of swellings and haemorrhages, relaxes and strengthens the muscles and moderates pains.

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-sulphuric-mudSulphuric mud of Piestany

Sulphuric mud of Piestany contains an unique live eco-system, and is famous around the world thanks to its healing characteristics. The mud is taken from a still branch of the River Vah on the site of sulphurous thermal mineral water springs. After the mud is extracted from the bypass arm of the river, it matures for at least one year in special mud-pools where sulphurous thermal water is added to enrich the mixture with mineral substances. The mature mud has a butter-like, greasy consistency, it is very malleable, with good heat conducting features, cooling down four times slower than water. Its colour is steel bluish or even black. It is applied on the body surface at the temperature of around 45°C (ranging from 44°C – 46°C).

legacy-tour-piestany-resort-local-full-body-mud-packsLocal or full-body mud packs

A mud pack helps reduce swellings in joint areas, reduces muscular tension, improves nutrition of cartilages, connective tissues and inter-vertebral discs. It increases antiinflammatory activity and immunity processes in the body, improves the functions of cartilages, connective tissues and mobility of the joints.


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