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Johan Crato is considered to be the founder of the peloidotherapy – treatment with sulphuric mud in Piestany.

In 1745, the town physicist of Bratislava Johann Justus Torkos describes the environment of the spa and its indications, and was the first person to provide a general analysis of its thermal water in his work Schediazma de Thermis Postheniensibus. He recommends treatment in Piestany for joint pains, muscle disorders, nervous and skin ailments, and for paralysis.

In the 19th century, the interest in treatment provided in Piestany grew. New methods elaborated by physicians specializing in balneology were being implemented and the spa employed permanent spa physicians. In 1836, medical physician F. E. Scherer, in his work The Hot Springs and Spa in Piestany, describes the general and a specific effect of the thermal water and curative mud of Piestany and also presents its contra-indications . In 1859 in a work entitled The Curative Springs of Piestany in Hungary, physician A. Wagner describes the mud-maturation pools which served as the basis of the technology of preparation of mud for mud packs and compresses.

The very same primary technology has been the basis for mud preparation up to our days.

At the end of the 19th century, a major change occurred in Piestany. The Winter family rented the spa and in twenty years turned it into a world known spa facility. Prior to World War I, the spa could accommodate approximately 3.000 guests. New spa

houses and luxurious hotels were built. Already at that time, the majority of spa guests came from abroad. In 1893, the first workers’ spa facility in Central Europe – Pro Labore – opened in Piestany, marking the onset of the golden era of the health spa.

One of the first doctors to settle in Piestany after World War II was MUDr. Ladislav Schmidt. He was one of the pioneers and founders of the International League Against Rheumatism . In March of 1923 he

presented a lecture on topical usage of thermal mud, its indications and technology for treatment at a meeting of the Royal Medical Society. He published a treatise on the Piestany spa, its springs and their importance.

Modern hotels and spa houses offered the highest standard of medical and hotel services available at that time. The town of Piestany became a busy centre of spa activity, hosting an array of prominent people of cultural and political life. Important information concerning treatment at the spa at that time was.

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