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phone contact 01476 385 055

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About the healing springs

Slovakian nature offers an amazing gift for people, in the form of 1300 healing thermal springs.

Natural warm water (38° – 41°C) heals your knees, elbows, shoulders, neck, lower back and many other muscles and joints. The warm water helps to relax stiff muscles and joints which ease the pain.

The precious Rajecke Teplice water, is a healing medicinal water spilling from the earth’s depths acquiris its exceptional physical and chemical properties from the geological structure of the rock subsoil formed by dolomites and limestones. These rocks transmit thermal energy coming from the Earth’s core itself. Mineral substances, especially calcium and magnesium, are taken up from these rocks dissolving in medicinal water, giving it a basic healing character.



Thermal water containing calcium and magnesium ions in ideal measurements, with beneficial effects on the locomotive and nervous system as well as on the overall relaxation of the body.

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