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Healing house offers all the facilities to their guest included in the price.

We invite you to visit the Water World, which includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The pools use natural medicinal thermal water containing calcium and magnesium ions with beneficial effects on the locomotive and nervous system as well as on the overall relaxation of the body. The spectacular impression creates a magnificent ancient architecture of the premises where the pools are located.

Curative / relaxation pool

The smaller pool allows you to stay in thermal water at a temperature of 36-38 ° C. When visiting this swimming pool, do not forget to massage and relax your body with a stream of water.
Effects: curative, relaxing, regenerating, soothing
Water: thermal healing water

Rehabilitation / swimming pool

A larger pool, with a water temperature of 30.5 – 31.5 ° C, for swimming and other mobile entertainment. The swimming pool is equipped with plenty of water jets and a hydromassage counter to help you massage your body.
Effects: curative, relaxing, regenerating, soothing
Water: thermal healing water

Recreational / swimming pool

The oval thermal pool with water temperature 36-38° C, which relaxes your lower back muscles with a Jacuzzi system.
Effects: relaxing, regenerative, reconditioning
Water: thermal healing water

Turkish bath

Whole-body alternate bath in hot 40-41 ° C and cold natural thermal water serves to strengthen the cardiovascular system and the immune system.
Effects: Muscle relaxation and the overall immune response of the body.
Water: thermal magnesium, calcium water


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